Leveraging the best in class technology the BlueOrchid team focuses on providing quality, service, and expertise for the media company. The team's experience and service is our differentiator. We help every publishing partner maximize the value of their inventory through deploying technology best practices and attracting high quality buyers.

BlueOrchid.IO’s team is rooted in maximizing the tech investment of other companies on behalf of our publishing partners. By deploying header bidding, unified tags, vertical private marketplaces, and advanced yield management technology our publishing partners increase their yield on unsold inventory without having to increase their internal head count.

Why it works?

Strategic Support and Consultation

Our team integrates with your ad ops team to help deploy all of the tools available to a publisher. We find many publishers do not have the resources in house to fully optimize their supply side strategy causing them to leave valuable ad dollars on the table. Our team is designed to be an extension of your team bringing in years of expertise, consultation, and ultimately best practices to every publishing partner.

Dedicated Account Management

Your dedicated Account Manager will provide reporting, optimization strategies, content recommendations as well as ongoing updates on what’s working for other similar publishers. This dedicated support is meant to bring business intelligence to your supply strategy so you know how to continually evolve as the seasons change, technology improves, and consumer habits fluctuate.

Proven Technology

The BlueOrchid team is proud to partner with companies like Google, Amazon, and others to offer Publishers best in breed technology. Technology continues to get commoditized and our team believes in investing in our publishers instead of reinventing the proverbial wheel. This mantra guarantees BlueOrchid Publishers will always have access to the most advanced tools for this segment of their business.

Specialized and Curated Demand

We do not believe in aggregating anyone who wants to buy an ad. That model is broken and contributes to the “race to the bottom” challenge everyone is battling in Programmatic. The BlueOrchid team is focused on finding premium demand partners such as direct national campaigns, specialized agency campaigns, and brands who are more interested in the quality of the audience vs the cost of the inventory.

Turn Key Monetization Strategies

Our team brings years of industry experience working with bigger technology companies and focuses the education we received in those jobs on solving the “people problem.” We are available over the phone, in person, or in whatever format it takes to make sure you’re getting results.

Header Bidding Setup & Management

Using TAG certified platforms and corresponding publisher best practices provides our advertising partners a fraud free and brand safe environment that is difficult to find in the open RTB marketplace. Our team prides themselves in helping play sheriff in the wild west of advertising.

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