BlueOrchid.IO focuses on quality and customer service delivering your ads on safe websites to real people.

Our competition is focused on developing their platform, developing the technology, and catching up with Google. We love that, it allows us to focus on you, the marketer. Instead of trying to catch up with Google we use their product, Google Ad Manager, so we can focus on making your campaigns work harder for you.

Why it works?

Premium Publisher Sites

All of our sites are individually vetted by real people. We know the importance of quality content. That’s why we individually vet every site and every page we represent.

Quality Standards

Our background is on the advertiser side and the publisher side. We understand what quality websites do for a professionally executed campaign. That is why we cherry pick each site, check every page, and apply industry best practices to make sure every impression counts.


Everyone is focused on beating Google or other tech leaders. Our team knows it is important and that is why we use Google Ad Manager. The tech is a commodity. We’re making investments in the team that services your account, curates websites and eliminates bad traffic.

Direct Relationships

We know every publisher and the team behind them personally. The partnership is intentional and that partnership is centered around delivering campaign results. We are not a network, we are a scalable direct buy solution powered by programmatic technology.

Premium Service, Support, Customer Care

Our team brings years of industry experience working with bigger technology companies and focuses the education we received in those jobs on solving the “people problem.” We are available over the phone, in person, or in whatever format it takes to make sure you’re getting results.

Fraud Protected

Using TAG certified platforms and corresponding publisher best practices provides our advertising partners a fraud free and brand safe environment that is difficult to find in the open RTB marketplace. Our team prides themselves in helping play sheriff in the wild west of advertising.

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