About BlueOrchid.IO

Who we are and what we’re about.

We started BlueOrchid.IO to fill the service void that continues to grow in supply inventory management. Our goal is NOT to build the next supply side technology stack. Our goal is to help publishers and marketers transact in a mutually beneficial way. BlueOrchid.IO is focused on premium publishers, with premium audiences, eliminating bot traffic, and delivering strong return on ad spend. Most similar companies spend all of their time and resources focused on reinventing technology Google and others have commodotized. Our resources and time are spent on the ingredients that go into the technology. Those ingredients are high quality publishers, high quality audiences, and high quality demand. BlueOrchid.IO has created the first red rope entry for supply and demand. We take this seriously and will not bend when it comes to quality.

What makes us different.

The BlueOrchid.IO team is built around the best in class technology. We leverage Google for the supply management, ad serving, reporting, and other supply oriented technology stack. Within Google are special demand relationships such as Amazon, SMB aggregators like AdCellerant, and larger digital buying agencies like BlueOrchid.IO. BlueOrchid.IO’s publisher development team is focused exclusively on dominant local news, radio, tv, and specialty publication sites. BlueOrchid.IO’s demand team is focused on premium buyers with tons of scale who care more about quality then cost. This ecosystem creates a unique symbiotic relationship in programmatic that is not available anywhere else. By focusing on this model the BlueOrchid.IO team has created a premium execution that delivers premium results for both publishers and marketers.